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Blackberry - Chester Thornless

Blackberry - Chester Thornless
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Product Description

Blackberry - Chester Thornless Rubus 'Chester Thornless'

Grows in Zones 5

Blackberry - Chester Thornless Details: Plant FactsMature Height 3 - 4 feet Mature Spread 4 - 5 feet Soil Type Well Drained Moisture Moist Mature Form Upright Growth Rate Fast Sun Exposure Full Sun Flower Color White Fall Color Good Flowering Date May Foliage Color Green Zones 5-8 The Chester Thornless Blackberry, 'Rubus 'Chester Thornless', is a semi-erect variety of blackberry that was developed by the USDA. This blackberry produces medium to large, round, deep black, very sweet berries. It contains high quality and high yields, and they are excellent eaten fresh or made into preserves and blackberry wine. It is late in ripening, starting in July. It is a fast grower and requires full sun. Chester is the most hardy thornless blackberry. It bears large, firm, sweet fruit, and is very resistant to cane blight. Training canes to grow on a trellis, they can grow to 10' long. Fruit is borne on previous years growth, so cut canes to the ground after they are done bearing. To maintain plants, be sure to water in dry weather and use mulch to conserve soil moisture and control weeds. Pruning on a regular schedule is also beneficial to the growth and health of the plant. Blackberries are a delicious gourmet treat that may be eaten fresh or used in cobbler, cake, sauce, jam, jelly or syrup.