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VIBURNUM NANNYBERRY         Viburnum lentago
Item# Viburnum-nannyberry_tree
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Product Description

NANNYBERRY VIBURNUM Viburnum lentago Outstanding Features: Seasonal displays of flowers, fruits and fall color. Tolerant to shade. Description: Height: 12-15' Width: 6-10' Hardiness Zone: 3a

Nannyberry Viburnum is a large growing "leggy" native shrub that can be pruned into a small tree form. It produces 2-3" clusters of white flowers in the spring. Mature fruit are black in color. Fall color is deep maroon to red. The glossy, green leaves are 1 1/2" wide and up to 4" long. Requirements and Culture: Prefers rich loam to clay loam soil with ample moisture. Does well in either full sun or shade. One of the more tolerant woody plants in shady sites. They are native in wooded areas from Manitoba & North Dakota to Georgia and Mississippi. Pruning is required to remove suckers if a tree form is desired.

Limitations: Very susceptible to powdery mildew especially when grown in shady locations with poor air circulation. The disease poses no threat to the plant but causes an unsightly appearance in late summer and reduces the fall coloration.